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The World Communication Award committee has shortlisted the Elisa Automate Virtual NOC


[Sep 18, 2019]

The World Communication Award committee has shortlisted the Elisa Automate Virtual NOC for the WCA 2019, in an announcement that was made on 22nd August 2019. The nomination for the Elisa virtual NOC is in the category “The Innovation Award Operator”. Other companies nominated in the same category include: KT, NTT Communications, Reliance Jio and SK Telecom.

The WCA judges commented after meeting in London that; “Judging these awards is a serious undertaking because of the sheer number and quality of the entries we received this year. As the global telecoms industry takes the first tentative steps on its 5G journey, operators and vendors alike are pumping money into their research and development initiatives. This year there was a real focus on innovation, both in the mobile and fixed line side of the industry,” a spokesman for the judges told Total Telecom.”

Elisa Virtual NOC is a revolutionary Network Operations Centre (NOC) automation solution based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics that collects more data from the network than people could manually handle. Software processes and categorizes data and makes decision, whether the information requires any actions. This predictive analytics based artificial intelligence can identify and fix problems even before they happen. Elisa has 10 years of experience on NOC automation, with Elisa Finland’s own NOC being fully automated and having zero persons monitoring the alarms. Earlier in 2019, the solution was nominated for the recognized GLOMO Awards during the MWC 2019.

Kirsi Valtari, Head of Elisa Automate says that, “We are honoured to be shortlisted for the World Communication Awards. The innovation is the result of a decade of work on identifying, monitoring and solving mobile network faults. Customer quality and experience is becoming an increasingly critical factor for operators and the Virtual NOC solution is the best way to ensure improved network quality while reducing cost. We are glad that this has been recognized during the evaluation.”

The Virtual NOC will be demonstrated at the Elisa Automate stand during the Total Telecom conference in London 29.- 30. October.

The awards winners in this category will be presented during the World Communication Awards Dinner on 30th October 2019, on the last day of Total Telecom conference in London.