The benefits have already been proven

From an operator,
to operators

We are serious about bringing true value to operators. Why? We are using the products also ourselves – in our networks in Estonia and Finland. Our solutions contain novel automation built for operators.

Focus on benefits

All the solutions are field-proven and the impact has been measured in a real multivendor operator environment. We help you to start automating the areas that will bring you the most value and biggest impact. The closed-loop machine learning solutions are ready to be implemented into any operator environment.

Vendor agnostic 

All the solutions are designed to work in complex multivendor network environments. With no conflict of interest we automate to maximise CAPEX and OPEX savings. Our solutions give operators more freedom of their networks without having to worry about increasing cost or compromising user experience. 

Rapid and agile development 

More than 10 years of network automation development experience has given us an upper hand in automation implementation and delivery. And our philosophy is continuous innovation. The solutions are built to help analyse network and performance, and quickly develop network-specific automation.

People and process transformation

We have completed a total transformation of our network processes. The results are fantastic. We offer our learnings to your benefit. Elisa’s joint development model has been designed to support operators in transformation. Are you looking for an automation partner in the 2020s? We look forward to meeting you.

by an operator, for operators

Elisa is the largest mobile and fixed-line network operator in Finland and Estonia. After a decade of network automation development, we have learnt a thing or two. Today we offer intelligent automation solutions to operators that want to improve quality and reduce cost.

"Our solution is built by an operator, for operators. It's field-proven and running on our network as we speak. We have seen all the benefits"

– Kalle Lehtinen, CTO, Elisa Corporation

Our teams

We combine knowledge from telecom, software and business. Our international tech-savvy team use the latest technologies to solve some of the biggest challenges in the our industry.

After 10 years of automation development, we have seen what it takes to transform network operation processes from manual to automatic. Automating mobile networks today require skills in telecom, software development, machine learning and AI, and business understanding.

With a wide range of capabilities, our forward leaning teams develop, commercialize and deliver a number of advanced mobile network automation solutions.
Mobile network operators experience a reduced need for manual work, lower cost levels and an increased quality of experience. 


We’ve been promoters for unlimited mobile data and network automation for many years. Now we are looking forward to working with you.

“We are truly excited about working with the many CSPs that have high expectations and a vision for how they can automate their network functions.”

Kirsi Valtari

VP - Head of Elisa Automate

“With the move towards 5G comes also the need for more capacity. To provide more sites for capacity, automation becomes increasingly important.”

Toomas Polli

CTO, Elisa Estonia

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