A product that is based on operators’ needs

We are serious about bringing true value to operators. Why? We are using the products also ourselves – in our networks in Estonia and Finland. Our solutions
contain novel automation built for operators.
The benefits have already been proven.

Vendor agnostic 

All use cases are designed to work in a multivendor environment. With no conflict of interest, use cases are developed to maximise CAPEX and OPEX savings. Use case development is not tied to vendor release schedules, rather, algorithm packages can be developed independently, in weeks.

Focus on benefits

Our ready-made use cases are field-proven and the impact has been measured in a real operator environment. Thus, we can focus on the use cases that bring the most value and the highest benefits, and we know that the closed-loop use cases are implementable into operator processes.

Rapid and agile development

Our philosophy is to support continuous innovation and agile algorithm development. Our solution includes a Service Development Kit, which enables operators to analyse network and performance, and flexibly develop network-specific algorithms.

People and process transformation

We have completed a total transformation from manual optimization to zero-touch closed-loop automation. Our achievements are solid. We offer our learnings for your benefit. Elisa’s joint development model has been designed to support operators in transformation.

"Our solution is built by an operator, for operators. It's field-proven and running on our network as we speak. We have seen all the benefits"

– Kalle Lehtinen, CTO, Elisa Corporation

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