Topic: Unlocking Network Automation – 4 tips for success
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Live Webinar:  15:00 CET, Thursday 26 May, 2021

Webinar available on-demand, watch the replay.

How can network and operational automation, backed by AI, help CSPs meet sustainability goals? Find out from a European Climate Leader: Elisa.

Sustainability is now a key issue for CSPs globally and the industry is in search of solutions to help reduce carbon consumption. How can you meet sustainability and carbon reduction goals while investing for network growth?

Automation is one answer. Since 2010, Elisa has invested in an advanced, AI-driven autonomous network, while reducing its carbon footprint by nearly 40%.

How was this achieved? Find out in the final part of our webinar series, “Towards autonomous networks”. You’ll learn:

  • How Elisa incorporated sustainability into its operational programmes
  • Why automation became a key tool in carbon reduction
  • How Elisa will become fully carbon neutral
  • How automation reduces carbon emissions and OPEX
  • How Intelligent Energy Saver reduced power consumption OPEX by 14%

Register today to hear from guest speaker, Jonas Kronlund, Elisa’s Corporate Responsibility Manager.

Webinar available on-demand, watch the replay.