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Topic: How do AI and ML help drive network automation?
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Live Webinar:  15:00 CET, Thursday 22 April, 2021

Webinar available on-demand, watch the replay.

Welcome to the next episode in our webinar series “Towards Autonomous Networks” to understand the key use cases driving adoption!

AI and ML are key to future automation programmes, but how can you sort hype from reality and identify the use cases that really deliver?

In Episode 3 of our webinar series, we’ll show you how you can accelerate your automation journey with AI and ML – and secure measurable benefits.

 Join us to explore:

  • The challenges of implementing AI and ML in telco networks
  • How to capitalise on the latest advances in data science
  • Focus topic 1: Sustainability and energy saving
  • Focus topic 2: Anomaly detection
  • Focus topic 3: Perceived Promoter Score as a measure of customer experience

We’ll show you winning strategies that are helping operators accelerate automation, backed by advanced AI and ML techniques.

So, register today and learn how to benefit – while eliminating the hype.

Webinar available on-demand, watch the replay.