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Topic: Towards zero-touch automation – exploring the impact of Virtual NOC
Date of Live Webinar: 9 December 2020

Webinar available on-demand, watch the replay!

Transformation to the new network must be accompanied by operational transformation to support intensive and demanding new processes and the huge volume of data generated by key systems. This demands evolution from manual, labour-intensive operations to full, zero-touch automation. Operators need to be able to direct resources where they are really needed, to support growth opportunities.

The solution is Virtual NOC. Backed by AI and ML, this enables automated monitoring, root cause and customer impact analysis – allowing problems to be resolved without manual intervention.

This 50-minute webinar will provide you with a clear roadmap to zero-touch automation. It will highlight recent case studies, like our new partnership with T-Mobile. We’ll explore what Virtual NOC is, what it includes – and how to capture the benefits

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Kirsi Valtari

VP Elisa Automate & EVP, CMO Polystar

Kirsi Valtari is EVP of Elisa Automate business and CMO of Polystar. She has spent the majority of her career in the telecom industry, developing software-based businesses, telecom operations, and technologies. With a strong technology and operations background, Kirsi has succeeded with new businesses, launching go-to-markets and increasing value for Elisa’s customers. Today, Kirsi’s team is combining AI, network engineering and software to implement world class telco software for the mobile operator.


Teemu Peltonen

Head of Product, Virtual NOC, Elisa Automate

Teemu Peltonen is Head of Product for Virtual NOC in Elisa Automate. His global experience on using software to transform telecom operators’ businesses, combined with strong customer focus, helps the operators to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and simplify the complexity of operations. With entrepreneurial approach and ability to develop innovative digital transformation strategies, Teemu has a strong track record on leading complex integration initiatives and seeing the whole picture beyond the tools we provide.