The challenge of decoupling network costs from traffic

Feb 8, 2018 | Blog

During the past years, it has become evident to many telecom operators that mobile data is the new driver of revenue. As mobile data demand continues on an exponential path, the challenge is that the users are not ready to pay more. In Finland, we’ve seen an average usage of 18 gigabytes per user per month. To deliver, operators had to make significant investments. This led to an additional problem – growing network complexity. And with 5G, the complexity takes yet another leap.


To build a sustainable mobile network for tomorrow, operators need to decouple costs from traffic. Introducing automation in network optimisation allows operators to analyse millions of parameters and deploy thousands of network changes every day. This change is like going from manual to automatic switching in the old telephone exchange centers. We’re on the verge of taking full advantage of machine learning and automating mobile network processes.

Mobile network optimisation automation is nothing new. What’s still missing is dividing the work between machines and the network specialists. We believe that the task of a network engineer is to design automation. It’s a transition most operators haven’t yet managed to embrace.


“We believe that the task of a network engineer is to design automation.”


Therefore, we built our own optimisation automation. It is the best way to automate mobile network processes. It is simple, agile and customisable. By creating a vendor agnostic solution, we reduced complexity. We designed algorithms for multivendor network and proved the benefits in our live network. We also created a software development kit to make it easy to write algorithms for specific needs. It is the missing piece that allows your network engineers to stay in control of network automation – leaving the routine tasks for the machines.

So welcome to Here you can read about our solution, ideas, victories, and achievements. Elisa Automate solutions are already live. We’re using it in our networks in Finland and Estonia.

The team behind Elisa Automate will be at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. We’d like to show you how you can increase busy hour throughput by 40%. We’ve done the groundwork for you, now it’s your turn to experience the benefits of automation.


Kirsi Valtari

Kirsi Valtari is heading the Elisa Automate business. She has 15 years experience working with telecom software-based businesses, operations, and technologies. With a strong technology and operations background, Kirsi has started and built several new businesses.

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