Tefficient presents the secret behind Elisa’s financials


[Feb 7, 2018]

The analysis and benchmark company Tefficient has launched a blog about Elisa Automate, its impact on the Finnish operator Elisa’s latest financial numbers and the history behind. Despite the steep mobile data growth, Elisa has managed to keep both CAPEX and OPEX flat. And late this January, Elisa delivered another record-breaking result.

Tefficient emphasise automation as an essential part for Elisa. Moreover, “The traffic development – combined with the ambitious targets – forced Elisa to seek new innovative solutions to improve efficiency. Automation of network tasks became a cornerstone in Elisa’s transformation. It started with a full automation of the network operations centre in 2010 (yes, they are only having robots in the NOC room!). Today, the company runs more than sixty automation use cases in its network operation and optimisation.”.

Read more here: http://tefficient.com/the-secret-behind-elisas-financials/

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