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Sunny festivals and mass event handling

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Blog

Several times a year, operators face the challenge of having large masses of people gathering in certain areas. The reasons are many. It can be a national celebration, concerts, a competition, or just good weather bringing people to the beach. The problem is that these mass gatherings tend to put large pressure on the mobile network. Who doesn’t want to share with their snapchat friends that they are enjoying the beach and an ice cold drink? In order to maintain a mobile network with good quality when mass events take place, operators need to have certain processes in place that can help adjust to the changing geographical and network behavior.


This weekend, the yearly Ruis Rock festival took place in the city of Turku in Finland. Known for always having incredible weather, stages along the seaside, and international names such as Kygo, The Chainsmokers, David Bowie, The Clash, Iron Maiden, Oasis and many more, the festival is known for being a popular destination.

During the events like Ruis Rock, operators have experienced an explosion in the interest of sharing moments on social media. The need to upload capacity at festivals is in some cases higher than the download capacity, shifting the logic of the network structure and the need for adjustments appears for a period of time. Operators such as Elisa tend to respond by setting up extra base stations and changing network configurations – neighbors, load balancing, PCIs and so on.

For operators without an automatic optimisation solution, events like Ruis Rock have to be scheduled in the calendars and resources have to be allocated to make the changes and follow the KPIs to make sure that the network ensures optimal quality. But organising this is complex and easily leads to human mistakes, increased cost, reduced network quality, and unhappy customers.

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Using Elisa SON mass-event algorithms can be scheduled ahead of events, scoping the algorithm to run in certain geographical areas. It eases the process of having to adjust mobile network sites and assure optimal coverage, utilization and experience for the subscribers. Mass-algorithms runs automatically during the events and stops whenever the optimization team requires. It is simple and easy.


“At some events, like concerts and festivals, people tend to use uploading data for pictures and videos”


But it is also a fact that not all mass events are similar. At some events, like concerts and festivals, people tend to use uploading data for pictures and videos. During the new year, subscribers are also known to use the network to call friends and send messages. Adjustments to the mass event algorithms can easily be done by using the Elisa SON Software Development Kit (SDK) to re-write the logic or preferences of the algorithm.

The increased amount of time subscribers spend on their mobile devices and their requirements for a good network quality double the challenge for operators. However, using automation to assist with the network adjustments can ease the ache. Operators that acquire the knowledge of how to work together with network optimisation automation are better positioned for the upcoming festivals.

Elisa Automate provides an agile software tool for operators to improve mobile network optimization. The solution, Elisa SON, includes a set of field-proven multivendor use cases, Software Development Kit (SDK) for building of algorithms and network visualization, and an in-browser viewer experience for closed-loop scheduling and observation. The benefits have been measured and the algorithms are running in Elisa’s own networks.