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Elisa Automate is bringing the best of breed automation technologies to mobile network operators. Finally operations, fault management, energy saving, rollout planning and more, can be done without human interventions – in an automated cloud-based solution.

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Automated Operation

Network Operation Centers can now be completely automated. With the automated operations solution CSPs can automate 100% of the alarms, create and update tickets and solve them automatically 24/7. We reduce OPEX and improve resolving time. With proven benefits, operators can ensure better quality at a lower cost.

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Fully automated alarms

Automate 100% of of the first-line Network Operation Center (NOC). With our closed-loop solution, network operators can automate the ticket handling process, reduce OPEX, time to action and improve customer experience.

Automatic KPI monitoring

Many network faults do not trigger any alarms. With automatic KPI monitoring our solution ensures that they KPIs are at a high and stable level in all areas 24/7. Any decreasing KPIs results in automatic troubleshooting. 


Predictive alarm handling

Identify customer affecting alarms before they occur. By combining network alarms, performance and configuration data, network operators can now plan for network faults. 


Automated 5G planning

Where should the base stations be placed first? What network element is needed to serve the customers in different areas? Elisa Automate’s smart planning solution utilizes the network data to predict and determine where mobile network operators will have the highest return on the investments and what network elements that are needed in the location for the next years. With machine learning algorithms, we can predict the growth in consumption and planning of the network can be prioritized down to site levels. 


Base station prioritisation

Where should 5G be rolled out first? What will give maximum impact on the investment? Using machine learning algorithms, CSPs can save time and money by following a preferred list of 5G rollouts. 

Technology Selection

How do you get 100% out of the 5G CAPEX budget? Using the Automated 5G planning, CSPs can get a automatic technology selection improving the CAPEX efficiency and ensuring optimal 5G quality.


Intelligent Energy Saving

Mobile operators energy bill has become one of the major cost items. With 5G equipment, the energy bills are expected to grow even more. Vendor’s static energy saving settings are not sufficiently turning network elements off when they are not needed. Elisa Automate’s Intelligent Energy Saver takes the customers into account when turning off the base station.

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AI-powered energy saving

Save another 14% of network OPEX by utilising our AI-powered energy saving solution. The intelligent energy saving turns off cells when not needed and tracks the savings.

Reduce Co2 emissions

Co2 emissions in the mobile network make up the majority of Co2 emissions for MNOs. By improving the network electricity efficiency, MNOs can contribute to the environment and save thousands of tons of Co2 per year.

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