Build on mobile automation knowledge.

Elisa Automate builds upon more than a decade of distinct knowledge of mobile network automation development. We already walked the road. Our customers benefit from what we learned, and utilise this to create value for their mobile network customers.

Let’s walk the automation road together!

Measured and proven impact.
Automation Consultancy
Ensure efficient automation targets, scope and installation by adding our development experience.
Network optimisation
Increase speed and reduce cost with by letting us handling the automated optimisation service.
Automation training
Learn how to identify optimisation use cases, create algorithms and implement accordingly.
Automation development
Let us take care of your mobile network automation use cases and ensure high network quality.
5G rollout planning
We launched the world’s first commercial 5G network. Make use of our 5G rollout experience to plan your network.

Our consultants

Get the system running in days, not months
Our automation consultants have tens of years in the global telecommunication industry, working with network operators on a number of processes including network planning, rollout, optimisation and operation. Combined with coding experience and automation development, our we’re a tech-savvy team is ready to embrace on mobile network automation tasks.

Our focus has been on customer experience, network load and vendor license fee management. These brought us immediate savings and improved our Net Promoter Score (NPS) significantly.

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