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How to save network energy cost using machine learning


[Feb 17, 2020]

Case study with GSMA

Elisa Automate has launched a case study of its machine learning based Intelligent Energy Saving solution for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). The multi-vendor solution, which is already running in Elisa’s own networks, can save another 14% of a mobile network energy consumption on top of network vendors’ static energy-saving features. 

The Intelligent Energy Saver solution, which has been tested and activated in Elisa’s own network, is now being offered to MNOs that are interested in reducing cost and CO2 emissions using machine learning based automation. 

Sami Rajamäki, VP Network Services in Elisa mentioned; “Mobile network energy efficiency is an area that has great potential for improvements. Energy-saving has been important for us as it shows clear promise for OPEX savings.”

Executive Summary

As part of the Future Networks Programme, Network Economics workstream, a series of case studies have been developed, exploring areas where Operators can potentially reduce their Operational Expenditure (OPEX) and Capital Expenditure (CAPEX). This case study focuses on the deployment of Intelligent Energy Saver from Elisa Automate by Elisa, the leading mobile network operator in Finland.

The case study describes the role of Intelligent Energy Saver (IES) in unlocking energy consumption savings delivered through efficient RAN management. IES provides accurate measurement of energy consumption, for each base station element and across the entire network, allowing more effective management of the activity. This enables cells to be switched off and restored to service, according to the real needs of each site. It generates significant savings in energy costs – up to 14%, above and beyond existing, static techniques – with no negative impact on subscriber experience. Not only does this save considerable costs, but it also reduces the overall carbon footprint and contributes to sustainability goals. IES has already saved Elisa 3600 tonnes of CO2, 14% of total RAN emissions to date.

If you have questions about automation or the machine learning based Intelligent Energy Saver, get in touch with us here.

Elisa Automate offers solutions and services for operators to automate network management and operations. The value promise is to improve service quality and operator cost efficiency. With Elisa Automate solutions, network activities can be fully automated, allowing experts to focus on more value-creating development tasks. Operators can efficiently and effortlessly analyse and better understand their networks and customer experience. Utilizing machine learning technologies, Elisa Automate brings advanced predictive analytics and preventive maintenance to the networks. Leading the way in efficiency, Elisa Automate solutions ensure that operators get maximal benefit out of their networks and investments.