Gartner publishes case study on Elisa Automate innovations

Aug 30, 2018 | News

The global research and advisory firm Gartner, has just released a report on Elisa’s unlimited mobile data plans and Elisa Automate’s innovations to make ensure its success. As the mobile data consumption is increasing globally, operators are starting to consider opening up for unlimited mobile data plans for their subscribers. In Finland, unlimited mobile data plans have been the norm for 10 years, and it was one of the reasons Elisa overtook the position as a market leader. In the newly released report, Gartner discusses and recommends how a challenger CSP can enable successful monetizing of unlimited mobile data plans. Elisa’s use of mobile network automation is discussed by Gartner as crucial to the operator to achieve its leading position in the Finnish market. “Elisa has also deployed an inbuilt self-organizing network (SON) solution to improve customer experience and optimize the network-related cost, and it is in active use.” The full report can be read in detail at Gartner’s webpage. See the link. The content is only accessible to paying users. Read more here: 

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