Finland’s Elisa Is Selling Its Automation Smarts to Other Telcos


[Mar 13, 2018]

The independent online news analysis and opinion portal for the global communications networking and services industry LightReading has posted a news analysis of Elisa’s launch of Elisa Automate and our related successes. In February, we were present at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona to show the Elisa SON to telcos interested in automating their mobile networks. Our Head of Elisa Automate, Kirsi Valtari, talked with LightReading about our achievements¬†so far.

LightReading writes that – “Besides eliminating manual processes at its network operations centers, Elisa has also been automating some of its radio systems, including basestation integration, configuration and testing. “The impact has been huge,” Valtari tells Light Reading. “In the past six years mobile data volumes have grown 20-fold and yet we are still running Elisa networks with the same manpower we had in 2007.”

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