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Elisa accompanies Orange Spain during the development of service assurance automation


[Apr 9, 2019]

Elisa Automate has been contracted by Orange Spain during development of its service assurance process and network automation.

Orange Spain is enhancing its capabilities of determining problems with services affecting subscribers and improving the time to fix any affected services using automation. During the last years, Orange Spain has improved its operation and seen steady growth. The operator is now taking further steps to ensure an efficient service assurance process and better customer experience.

With the background of delivering and building mobile network automation solutions, Elisa Automate has been contracted to support the Spanish on the operator transformation. During SOC transformation phase, Elisa Automate works with Orange to give guidelines on service assurance automation.

“Elisa’s work on automation is impressive. We are pleased to consult with them during our development of our SOC. We believe automation development will help us reduce cost and improve quality for our customers and Elisa has already gone this path.” says Vicente Cotino, Network Operations & Maintenance Director in Orange Spain.

“Orange Spain has already taken solid steps towards automated operations to ensure high customer quality and an efficient operation. We are proud to share our experiences of service assurance and work flow transformation.” mentions VP at Elisa Corporation and Head of Elisa Automate Kirsi Valtari.

About Elisa Automate

Elisa Automate offers solutions and services for operators to automate network management and operations. The value promise is to improve service quality and operator cost efficiency. With Elisa Automate solutions, network activities can be fully automated, allowing experts to focus on more value-creating development tasks. Operators can efficiently and effortlessly analyse and better understand their networks and customer experience. Utilizing machine learning technologies, Elisa Automate brings advanced predictive analytics and preventive maintenance to the networks. Leading the way in efficiency, Elisa Automate solutions ensure that operators get maximal benefit out of their networks and investments.