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Elisa first in world to launch commercial 5G


[Jun 29, 2018]

This week, Elisa became the first operator in the world to begin commercial use of a 5G network and start selling 5G subscriptions. The 5G network was used for the first time in the city of Tampere in Finland by the Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications, Anne Berner, who made a video call to the Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, Kadri Simson. The commercial opening of the network marks another stepping stone towards the 5G era.

Since Elisa became the world’s first operator to launch a commercial GSM network, the operator has been in forefront of the wireless revolution. In 2007, Elisa was the world’s first operator to offer unlimited mobile data plans to its customers. Despite the exponential mobile data growth that followed, costs have maintained flat and mobile data has become one of the main sources of value. The launch of the commercial 5G network is a natural extension for Elisa’s customers, who all have unlimited mobile data, but are paying for mobile network speed.

The improved speed and latency of the 5G network were demonstrated through a video call between the Finnish and the Estonian ministry using Elisa’s own video collaboration service Elisa Videra.

To ensure excellent usability and an efficient mobile network, Elisa has in recent years pushed fiercely for network automation. Elisa Automate is the result of the automation development. The effects of automation are today visible to the operator’s customers, who are amongst the top consumers of mobile data in the world. In 2017, Elisa’s network carried most mobile data in Finland and fourth most in Europe. Following the success, Elisa Automate is today offering operators globally similar automation used by Elisa in its networks in Finland and Estonia.

As the network complexity rises and operators are experiencing exponential mobile data growth, solutions that enable operational simplicity and efficiency is needed. Elisa’s transformation over the last decade has positioned the operator for the upcoming wave of 5G. Elisa is ready to kickstart for 5G in Finland with Elisa Automate to handle the network.

Read the full press release from Elisa here. 

Elisa Automate provides an agile software tool for operators to improve mobile network optimization. The solution, Elisa SON, includes a set of field-proven multivendor use cases, Software Development Kit (SDK) for building of algorithms and network visualization, and an in-browser viewer experience for closed-loop scheduling and observation. The benefits have been measured and the algorithms are running in Elisa’s own networks.

Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and online service company operating mainly in Finland and Estonia. Elisa has over 6.2 million consumer, corporate and public administration organisation subscriptions. We provide environmentally sustainable services for communication and entertainment, and tools for organisations to digitalise their operations and improve productivity. As the market leader, Elisa is also a pioneer in new network technologies and innovations, such as 5G. Cooperation with Vodafone and Telenor, among others, enables globally competitive services. Elisa is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Large Cap with approximately 190,000 shareholders. In 2017, Elisa’s revenue was 1.79 billion euros, and the company employed 4,700 people. For more information, go to, or follow us on Facebook (@elisasuomi) and Twitter (@ElisaOyj)