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Career Story: Snorre Solvang

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Blog

Building automation for operators

I first got to know about Elisa Automate when working at the operator business in Elisa Finland. During that time, I worked with startup partnerships and business development. I was told by my supervisor that Elisa was planning to grow a business that built on the successful solutions built for Elisa’s own use. A team had been pulled together to outline the commercialization and offer the solutions for international operators. At that time, they were in need of another business person and I thought it sounded like an exciting opportunity.

During my first year at Elisa Automate, I learned a lot about the mobile network challenges and opportunities. One of my first tasks was to help us understand the value of Elisa SON and how it can be of help to other operators. As we could see the benefits in our own network, it was clear to us that also operators internationally should capitalize on this innovation. In addition to analyzing the benefits, I prepared our marketing material and met with many innovative operators who saw the benefits of automating and wanted to transform their optimization processes.

Working at Elisa Automate has been like working in a corporation and startup at once, with all the benefits that comes with them. To bring the best of the ideas to the solution, we have an expert team that works closely with Elisa’s own optimization team. Our product is built on some of the most recent technologies, making it agile and solid. I believe this is a must to succeed, as operators can have tough demands. But with the backing of the operator, our startup has access to solid data and capital to provide our customers with the best quality service.

It has been thrilling to see how Elisa Automate has been transforming during the development, pilots and installations of our solution. Our team is growing quickly and we are in constant need of bright programmers and engineers who seek to work on tough and complex questions related to mobile networks. I’ve had such a great time with the team so far, and I am looking forward to all the things we will achieve together.

Snorre Solvang

Snorre Solvang is a Business Manager at Elisa Automate. His main tasks consist of ensuring successful meetings with potential customers, business analysis, and development. He has a business degree with a major in Strategy from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. A typical day starts off on a bike or running through Helsinki centrum – at least during the summer. Once in a while, he has a running competition to attend.