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Career Story – Ville Sutka

On a verge of Paradigm Change   I joined Elisa Automate after spending 17 years in an international RAN (Radio Access Network) consulting company. During those years, I got firsthand experience on how operators in different corners of the world operate and optimise...

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Career Story: Snorre Solvang

  Building automation for operators I first got to know about Elisa Automate when working at the operator business in Elisa Finland. During that time, I worked with startup partnerships and business development. I was told by my supervisor that Elisa was planning to...

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Sunny festivals and mass event handling

  Several times a year, operators face the challenge of having large masses of people gathering in certain areas. The reasons are many. It can be a national celebration, concerts, a competition, or just good weather bringing people to the beach. The problem is that...

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Automation for every day

  Mobile networks are inherently difficult to control. Not only is it hard to identify and interpret how to improve key performance indicators (KPIs), but it is time-consuming and costly. One of the main challenges for operators is that they rely on many of the...

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The first steps towards zero-touch networks

  There is a growing interest in the topic ‘zero-touch networks’. In 2016, Google revealed some of their work on the topic, ETSI established the group Zero Touch network and Service Management in 2017, and in the mid-end of March 2018, Layer123 hosted what was the...

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Saving cost by optimising vendor licenses

  The feature license fees charged by network vendors can be high and it is hard to identify where in the network the features are best deployed. To solve this, we used the Elisa SON Software Development Kit to create an algorithm that identifies the areas in the...

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The great value of automated site configuration

  Mobile networks develop every day. The task to generate and change site configuration data is time demanding and repetitive. The larger and more granular the network gets, the more unmanageable it becomes. Site configuration tasks are therefore perfect for...

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The challenge of decoupling network costs from traffic

  During the past years, it has become evident to many telecom operators that mobile data is the new driver of revenue. As mobile data demand continues on an exponential path, the challenge is that the users are not ready to pay more. In Finland, we’ve seen an average...

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Elisa SON use case: 4G LTE load balancing

Our mobile customers are among the most data-happy in the world. This means that we know a thing or two about how to deal with high 4G LTE load. Adding more frequency bands is a good start, but it introduces other problems. In this blog, we show how to solve it with one Elisa SON use case: 4G LTE load balancing.

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Elisa Automate in self-organising network market report

The market intelligence and consultancy solution company SNS Telecom & IT has released the report SON (Self-Organizing Networks) in the 5G Era: 2019 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts. The report is an update of their 2016 report on SON, which...

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Elisa Automate is attending RAN World

During the 09th – 10th of October, Elisa Automate will be present at the RAN World Congress in Rome. Being a growing mobile automation provider, Elisa Automate is participating as an important sponsor of this year’s event. The representative Elisa Automate team will...

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Elisa’s 5G network tested by Rewheel

In July 2018, Elisa Finland was the world’s first operator to open a commercial 5G network. The 5G base stations were rolled out in the city of Tampere in Finland. To open the network, the Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications, Anne Berner, made a video...

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Gartner publishes case study on Elisa Automate innovations

The global research and advisory firm Gartner, has just released a report on Elisa's unlimited mobile data plans and Elisa Automate's innovations to make ensure its success. As the mobile data consumption is increasing globally, operators are starting to consider...

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Elisa Automate participated MWC in Shanghai

During last week of June 2018, Elisa Automate was present at the yearly Mobile World Congress in Shanghai to discuss the latest in mobile network automation. The Mobile World Congress in Shanghai features more than 550 exhibitions and attracts more than 60 000...

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Elisa first in world to launch commercial 5G

This week, Elisa became the first operator in the world to begin commercial use of a 5G network and start selling 5G subscriptions. The 5G network was used for the first time in the city of Tampere in Finland by the Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications,...

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