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Automation for every day

  Mobile networks are inherently difficult to control. Not only is it hard to identify and interpret how to improve key performance indicators (KPIs), but it is time-consuming and costly. One of the main challenges for operators is that they rely on many of the...

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The first steps towards zero-touch networks

  There is a growing interest in the topic ‘zero-touch networks’. In 2016, Google revealed some of their work on the topic, ETSI established the group Zero Touch network and Service Management in 2017, and in the mid-end of March 2018, Layer123 hosted what was the...

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Saving cost by optimising vendor licenses

  The feature license fees charged by network vendors can be high and it is hard to identify where in the network the features are best deployed. To solve this, we used the Elisa SON Software Development Kit to create an algorithm that identifies the areas in the...

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The great value of automated site configuration

  Mobile networks develop every day. The task to generate and change site configuration data is time demanding and repetitive. The larger and more granular the network gets, the more unmanageable it becomes. Site configuration tasks are therefore perfect for...

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The challenge of decoupling network costs from traffic

  During the past years, it has become evident to many telecom operators that mobile data is the new driver of revenue. As mobile data demand continues on an exponential path, the challenge is that the users are not ready to pay more. In Finland, we’ve seen an average...

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Elisa SON use case: 4G LTE load balancing

Our mobile customers are among the most data-happy in the world. This means that we know a thing or two about how to deal with high 4G LTE load. Adding more frequency bands is a good start, but it introduces other problems. In this blog, we show how to solve it with one Elisa SON use case: 4G LTE load balancing.

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RCS & RDS selected Elisa SON for network automation

RCS & RDS (Digi), the most innovative telecom service provider in Romania and absolute leader for broadband Internet and TV services, has selected Elisa Automate as the self organising network (SON) provider for its mobile network. RCS & RDS is the Romanian subsidiary...

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Fierce mobile data growth had to be managed

The Finnish technology magazine Tekniikka&Talous have released an article on Elisa's mobile network innovation Elisa SON. The article elaborates on the need and benefits of automation of mobile networks. "Suomen suurin teleoperaattori Elisa on kehittänyt uuden...

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Elisa offers network automation solution for operators

The global voice of telecoms IT Vanilla Plus has released an article about Elisa Automate and the demonstration of Elisa SON at Mobile World Congress 2018. The solution is demonstrated at Red Hat's stand in Hall 2 Booth 2G40 between Monday 26th and Wednesday 28th of...

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