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Automation for every day

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Blog

Mobile networks are inherently difficult to control. Not only is it hard to identify and interpret how to improve key performance indicators (KPIs), but it is time-consuming and costly. One of the main challenges for operators is that they rely on many of the decisions made in the planning and deployment phase. Mobile network consumption and demand fluctuate on a daily basis, but it’s hard to enable an agile service. It’s well known that mobile operators struggle with the high variance in mobile data consumption between weekdays and weekends. Not only do subscribers consume dissimilar amounts of data and calls, but it’s also consumed in different places and during different times of the day. In Finland, many subscribers go to rural areas in the weekends or holidays. During that time, our network needs to adapt to a different network behavior. Solving some of these challenges can be done by adjusting the mobile network parameters daily. However, changing and adjusting network parameters in networks based on daily demand is not only a tedious and uninteresting, it can be hugely expensive. When discussing allocation of manual resources, daily optimization changes are better left out of the equation. The result is, however, that the network is designed for the one way of mobile usage, not taking daily fluctuations, such as weekends, into account.  

“We let our cloud-based computers run the algorithms and decide on the optimal parameter settings for the network every day.”

  To enable daily optimal mobile network levels possible, the whole network must be analyzed and changed automatically. Many mobile network optimisation experts know the adjustments desired in different situations, but need to translate these into software algorithms so machines can take control of the parameter changes. This is something we do at Elisa. We let our cloud-based computers run the algorithms and decide on the optimal parameter settings for the network every day. This makes the network take daily usage into consideration and the optimisation team does not have to worry about daily variations. As the weekend appear, our algorithms do the thousands of changes needed to make the network adjustments for the upcoming days. This is just not possible to manually. Today Finnish subscribers can enjoy the benefits of the Elisa network, being sure that we have taken into consideration that they might be spending their Saturday at their cottage and in the city. At the same time, our optimisation team can be assured the KPI levels remain stable during the weekend. Elisa SON is handling the daily changes needed.