Anssi Okkonen appointed as the new CEO of Polystar


October 9, 2020]

 Polystar a global supplier of analytics, service assurance and automation solutions for mobile operators, today announced that Anssi Okkonen has been appointed as its new CEO. He will succeed Mikael Grill, the founder and long-term CEO of Polystar, who will leave the company on December 15th, 2020.

Mikael Grill has played a key role in growing the company into a leading global player in service assurance and automation. His work at Polystar will be continued by Anssi Okkonen, who has extensive experience in the Communication Service Provider domain, in which he has held several leadership positions,” said Henri Korpi, Chairman of the Board of Polystar.

Mr. Okkonen will move to his new position from Elisa, where he is serving as Vice President at the International Digital Services Business. He has run several businesses in Elisa Corporation. Mr. Okkonen has also been a member of Polystar’s Board of Directors since 2019.

At the same time Ms. Katja Forss-Ormio will become the new Vice President of Finance of Polystar. Currently, she is the Vice President, Finance for Elisa Videra. Previously, she held the position of Business Planning and Operations Lead at Microsoft. Ms. Forss-Ormio has many years of experience in leading the finance and administration organisation in international, high-growth companies.

Aiming at Self-Driving Networks

Polystar is a leading provider of real-time monitoring and analytics platforms to more than 100 CSPs worldwide. The company‘s solutions deliver tailored insights into network, service and OTT application performance.

Elisa acquired Polystar in June 2019 and merged Elisa’s Automate business into the company. Together, they form Elisa’s Telecom Software business. Polystar’s strategy is to provide operator customers with innovative network service assurance and automation solutions using the latest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

We deliver solutions that increase network efficiency and improve customer experience for our operator customers. Our goal is to enable self-driving networks”, commented Anssi Okkonen, the new CEO. “Together with Polystar’s management, we have built a strong forward-looking strategy that will help us grow our international Telecom software business.

Polystar is a leading provider of real-time monitoring and analytics platforms to more than 100 CSPs worldwide. The company‘s solutions deliver tailored insights into network, service and OTT application performance. These insights allow stakeholders to enhance customer experience, operational efficiency, and identify new revenue streams from data monetisation.

Polystar‘s products enable the smooth introduction of new technologies and services, including 5G, NFV and IoT, helping CSPs build and operate cost efficient, secure and reliable networks.

Powered by Elisa Automate, Polystar also ensures proactive management of networks through automation of operational processes, driven by machine learning. CSPs benefit from faster fault resolution and more efficient use of both operational and network resources.

Polystar was founded in Stockholm in 1983. The company has experienced continuous growth and has evolved to become a global company, serving customers and partners in over 50 countries. Since June 2019, Polystar has been part of Elisa Corporation. For more information, please visit

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