Elisa Automate is the only supplier on the market who has developed AI automation for mobile networks and implemented it in our own networks for ten years and counting. Our solutions offer a set of field-proven use cases for planning, operations and optimisation. 


Date of Polystar User Meeting : 13 – 14 October 2021.

Polystar and Elisa Automate invite you to our Virtual User Meeting 2021

We hope you join us online this Autumn! We’ll bring you a mix of corporate updates, product highlights & roadmaps, operator case studies, and more – all topped-off with networking events and opportunities. So, save the date and stand by for further updates, as we create an exciting agenda for our community. It’s definitely not to be missed, so reserve your place already today!

Automate the noc

Now you can download the new NOC Automation Whitepaper!

There is a clear need to control OPEX and improve the customer experience in the telecoms industry. Analysts have been making dire predictions about declining margins for years, and outsourced operations do not live up to the expectations any longer.

One of the best ways to meet this challenge is to automate the network management and fault resolution processes. Automation of RAN processes through a Virtual NOC ensure considerable and measurable benefits. A big-bang approach is not necessary, as even the automation of the first processes deliver benefits, with incremental benefits accrued for each additional process as the scope is extended.

    What we do

    Being a network operator, we always create, offer and deliver network solutions that give proven benefits for mobile network operators and their customers. 

    AI-powered energy saving

    Save another 14% of network OPEX by utilising our AI-powered energy saving solution. The intelligent energy saving turns off cells when not needed and tracks the savings. Learn more >>

    Automated 5G planning

    Reduce 5G CAPEX investments with smart planning. Using machine learning models, our automated planning solution predicts the mobile data growth and prioritise roll-out locations and antenna selection.

    Predictive alarm handling

    Identify customer affecting alarms before they occur. By combining network alarms, performance and configuration data, network operators can now plan for network faults. 

    Fully automated alarms

    Automate 100% of of the first-line Network Operation Center (NOC). With our closed-loop solution, network operators can automate the ticket handling process, reduce OPEX, time to action and improve customer experience.

    Automated capacity management

    Stall network investments, reduce manual work and improve customer experience. With the automated capacity management solution, network operators will get the most out of their network.

    Multi-vendor configuration manager

    Manual network configuration reviews consume a lot of time from engineers.  With our automated network configuration solution, complex multivendor networks can be adjust hourly.

    What’s new

    use automation.

    reduce your cost.

    We focus on reducing the cost of expanding and operating a mobile network. All solutions are built for CSPs and the benefits have been proven in our own networks.






    5G CAPEX INVESTMENT efficiency



    machine learning and AI

    The use of machine learning and AI in networks has the potential to further improve network automation and solve certain problems that are not achievable rule-based methods. However, with any solution, the use of machine learning and AI should have a clear business case and solid data to make sense.

    We are leading the latest machine learning and AI development, making use of the techniques in our solutions to create proven value for mobile network operators.

    Energy saving

    We utilise machine learning to determine when, where and for how long cells safely can be turned ‘off’. Learn more >>

    Predictive alarms

    To ensure optimial network experience, we combine a number of data sources to predict customer affecting alarms. Learn more >>

    Why we are different

    Your network is unique!! 

    Having mobile and fixed-line networks in Finland and Estonia we know well what challenges that come with operating a network. In order to consider using new solutions, the benefits have to be clear. It should also be quick and easy to install and suit it to the requirements and technologies.

    With Elisa Automate the benefits are clear.

    Decouple costs from traffic. We’ve done it.
    Now it’s your turn.

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